Abdul Majeed Siddiqui is the founder of Rank Ace (SMC-PVT) Limited, an IT services and digital marketing company.

At Rank Ace, we create content around SEO, link building, website designing, and selling your business for multiple six figures.

Since 2015, we have started and grown our own portfolio of authority sites that have generated thousands of dollars in revenue. However, getting here wasn’t easy. Along the way, we made hundreds of mistakes that cost us time and money. Throughout this journey, the one constant has been our passion for learning.

The content on this site and the courses that we promote is of all the knowledge we’ve learned along the way.

We’ve learned what actually works and molded it into a step-by-step education system that newbies and experienced folks alike and use to start, grow and take their online businesses to the next level.

We knew it’s always a constant challenge knowing who to trust for your questions when the internet is filled with ton of misleading information. These were answers that we were desperately seeking because we knew authority sites were a top business model we could make a lot of money with.

When other people found out about the training that we had used, they wanted it for themselves. Rank Ace was born from this idea of sharing the best online marketing knowledge available, in a practical way that was easy for people to follow.

If you've got any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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